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Ocean Star Stud Earrings

Ocean Star Stud Earrings

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Crafted from solid 925 Sterling Silver the Ocean Star Stud Earrings depicts a molten starfish form, adding a playful motif to the Pearls & Waves Collection.
These stud earring pairs come in two options, either featuring a single starfish form or a unique double starfish form. These earrings are sold as a matched pair. Choose your favourite, or style both together for a unique ear constellation. 
The solid silver twist on backings results in a secure fit perfect for everyday wear.
Model & Colour


- From the Pearls & Waves Collection

- Crafted from solid 925 sterling silver

- Rhodium-plated silver option

- 18k yellow gold plated silver option

- 100% anti-allergenic

- Solid 925 sterling silver twist on backs

- Single Star Size: 6.8mm x 11mm

- Single Star Total Weight: 0.92g

- Double Star Size: 8.5mm x 10.35mm

- Double Star Total Weight: 1.07g


The ocean makes up over 70% of the Earth's surface, and Pearls & Waves pays homage to it by encapsulating a small selection of what can be found within.

Playful motifs of bubbles and starfish pair with the classic marine chain and elegant organic pearls.


Regularly clean your MOLTEN kind jewellery using a mild soap and pat dry with a microfibre cloth. DO NOT rub.
A silver polishing cloth can be use one on our silver tone pieces, but is not advised for use on our 14k or 18k yellow gold plated pieces.
To ensure the longevity of your MOLTEN kind jewellery please remove during physical activities. Remove jewellery when coming into contact with chemicals such as chlorine, as well as cleaning and haircare products.
Learn more about how to care for your MOLTEN kind jewellery here.
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